Investment & Entrepreneurship with Eternal Returns

Archetype Group is a Catholic Private Equity, Accelerator & Holding Group.

Archetype members work actively through business in the most influential sectors of culture, combining person-centric Kingdom values and best business practices to grow the wealth, leadership, and impact of each of our fund members and ventures.

We believe hearts change culture and business should be a force for good.


Imagine a Culture of Human Flourishing

Dream With Us

People are dignified, work is noble, and the business calling is a force for good. Mission-driven entrepreneurs are funded, accompanied and accelerated to success and impact, and their teams, customers and financial holdings thrive with best practices, while they answer key problems in the world today. Investments produce returns that are both temporal and eternal. Funds achieve sustainable earnings growth and optimized duration and exits, and wealth is observed as eternal, financial, human and communal value creation.

Most of all, imagine a culture where every person flourishes, ushering in humanity's golden age.

Our entrepreneurs, investors and evangelists are collaborating with ARCHETYPE to do just this. We believe in human flourishing, and the prosperity that fulfilling our Divine assignment will honor us and overflow onto others, while glorifying the one who brought us together in the first place.

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