The Archetype Group provides a service to investors and philanthropists interested in supporting culture-changing businesses, connecting them with mission-driven entrepreneurs and projects that have been pre-vetted for both viability and cultural impact.

All investors strive to put their financial resources into worthwhile ventures, most of which they hope will provide at least financial returns, and some of which may have a social dimension. The Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church takes this further, and identifies four areas of of Returns On Investment (ROI), also known as Pillars of Wealth Creation, designed to provide a financial ROI consistent with standard financial returns in the investment world, as well as providing an expanded 4X ROI to its investors.



ARCHETYPE Group has formed the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SOCIAL IMPACT FUND ("the Fund"), wherein we aggregate co-investors with financial means and missional interest to invest in it. The financial return to these Investors is articulated in Fund Documents (Subscription Agreement & Operating Agreement), which are offered to all those seeking to invest.

The Entrepreneur, inspired with a mission and at varying degrees of creation and incubation, brings his or her idea to ARCHETYPE in order to accelerate the company beyond his or her own limitations. ARCHETYPE engages in an initial discovery, due diligence, and analysis in order to determine the qualities of the Entrepreneur, the status of their mission, viability, and the scope of impact.

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ARCHETANK will vet the following:


The God-given mission of the Entrepreneur and his or her overarching vision


The Entrepreneur's own qualities of self-knowledge and demonstrated personal/professional integrity, talents and capacity for growth


The sustainability of the current or potential for future business model and plan


Financial projections and valuations


Track record


The current venture's potential for impact on hearts, culture, and sectors


Whether it fits the CORE VALUES of the ARCHETYPE vision (and its Investors' values).


The Entrepreneur's desire/need to work with ARCHETYPE


Any services and accompaniment needed from ARCHETYPE and third-party vendors to accelerate the structure, growth and success of the venture

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