A Problem Worth Solving


Have you ever dreamed of a culture of human flourishing? We do.

The vision imparted to Archetype is a legacy of impactful, life-giving, evangelical businesses that create human flourishing at all levels and sectors of society with ROIs that are eternal, communal and human as well as financial, for all involved and for generations to come.


The Future is Good. Join Us.


Archetype is a Business Incubator and Accelerator, a Private Equity Group and Holding Group, whose mission is to uplift culture with entrepreneurs, who, called and inspired with a mission from the Holy Spirit, will forward the work of the New Evangelization through business, while also establishing healthy human structures of flourishing for all involved.

We unite investors with entrepreneurs who also envision a world transformed through social enterprises. We do this within the Archangel Social Impact Funds. The Return on Investment is fourfold on our end, and of course, the hundredfold on God's.

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The ARCHETYPE Theorem: We Do Things Differently